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What percentage of U.S. energy production comes from wind & solar?


Which is subsidized more – wind and solar or oil?

Wind and solar!

Are all countries in the Paris Climate Agreement cutting CO2 emissions?

No. China and India are increasing their emissions by thousands of million metric tons.

What has enabled the U.S. to reduce CO2 emissions the most – renewable energy or the natural gas industry?

Renewable only accounts for 300 Million Metric Tons reduction, while natural gas accounts for over 400 Million Metric Tons reduction!

How dependent on fossil fuels are electric cars?

Over 70% of the parts of an electric car are made from petroleum and in most locations electric generation to charge comes from natural gas and coal.

What percentage of the world's energy production comes from wind & solar?

Less than 2%!

How much energy in the U.S. is currently provided by oil and natural gas?


What energy source is responsible for 400 Million Metric Tons of CO2 emission reductions?

Natural gas!

How many jobs in Kansas are dependent on the oil and gas industry?


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