Meet the Team

Warren Martin

Warren Martin

Executive Director

A philosophy graduate of Texas Tech University, Warren is an author, teacher, minister, artist, quasi-philosopher and speaker known for his unique teaching style. His passion is to inspire & invest in the next generation of leaders. He currently serves as Executive Director of Kansas Strong for the promotion of the quality of life created by the oil & natural gas industry. He previously served as Executive Director of the General Tommy Franks Leadership Institute and Museum and was the primary presenter of all Inspired Leadership Experiences. Warren has been leading leadership workshops, presenting keynote presentations and consulting with Fortune 500 corporations and non-profit organizations for 22 years.
Cynthia Clugston

Cynthia Clugston

Executive Assistant

Cynthia became the Executive Assistant for the Kansas Oil & Gas Resources Fund (KOGRF) in March 2017. She brings to the team a wealth of financial and management experience. She is responsible for administering all accounts for the organization and manages internal operations. In addition, she works with the Director and Board to develop and facilitate the budgetary process and financial planning. Cynthia provides valuable insight for Kansas Strong’s many programs. She works closely with those in the industry who support Kansas Strong through their voluntary contributions so we can more effectively promote the quality of life provided by the Kansas oil and gas industry.

Board of Directors

Lesli Baker
Drill Baby Drill, LLC
Louisburg, KS

Alan Banta
Trans Pacific Oil Corp.
Wichita, KS

Raul Brito
Brito Oil Co.
Wichita, KS

Jeffery Dale
Verde Oil Co.,
Savonburg, KS

Rob Eberhart
Bobcat Oilfield Services, Inc.
Louisburg, KS

Kent Eckles
Kansas Petroleum Council
Topeka, KS

Lindsey Goodwin
Murfin Drilling Company
Wichita, KS

Chris Haas
C3 Oil, LLC
Ottawa, KS

Nick Hess
Colbalt Energy, LLC
Wichita, KS

Nick Powell
Colt Energy, Inc.
Iola, KS

Mike Reed
Sunrise Oilfield Supply
Wichita, KS

Tim Scheck
Scheck Oil Operation
Russell, KS

Paul Simpson
Trilobite Testing, Inc.
Peck, KS

H.J. Swender., Jr.
American Warrior, Inc.
Garden City, KS

Kenneth White
White Exploration, Inc.
Wichita, KS




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