Kansas Strong is diligently working to educate students and the public on the importance of the oil & natural gas industry to the state of Kansas and America. Utilize the interactive map below to learn where we have been working and where we will be in the upcoming months:

Upcoming Events

  • August 22-T-Bones STEM Day Presentation
  • September 3-Field Station Dinosaur Exhibit Opening
  • September 6-14 -Kansas State Fair Booth
  • September 10-12 -EKOGA Annual Meeting
  • September 14-Energy Education Workshop-Cowley College, Wellington
  • September 19-Exposure 2019
  • September 23-Mobile Energy Truck- Richard Warren Middle School, Leavenworth
  • September 27-Desk &  Derrick 68th Annual International Convention
  • October 1-PASOK Frac Presentation, Wichita
  • October 3-Field Station Dinosaur Exhibit, Derby
  • October 4-Carbondale Petro Pro Presentation, Carbondale
  • October 10-Oklahoma Oil Expo
  • October 15-KGS Presentation
  • October 17-Goodwill Banquet
  • October 25-STEM Night Christa McAuliffe Academy, Wichita
  • November 5-6 -Essdack 2019 Career Expo
  • November 26, Petro Pro Presentation-Meade Middle School, Wichita
  • February 12-Petro Pro Presentation-Samuel E. Spaght Science & Communications Magnet, Wichita
  • March 7-Energy Education Workshop-Garden City
  • March 28-Society of Women Engineers Expo
  • April 24-25 KATS Kamp
  • June 5-Master Teacher Retreat

Past Events:

  • August 28-T-Bones STEM Day presentation
  • August 30-EKOGA Legislative BBQ
  • August 30-Emerging Leaders Presentation
  • September 9 – Americus Educators Workshop
  • September 6-17 – Kansas State Fair
  • September 14-16-Autumn & Art Sponsorship
  • September 26-Mobil Energy Education Truck at Lenexa Superintendents Summit
  • September 27 – Exposure 2018
  • October 2-4 – Eastern Kansas Oil & Gas Association Annual Conference
  • October 3 – Kansas Works Presentation
  • October 4 – Eastern Kansas Royalty Owners Association
  • October 11-Oklahoma Oil Expo
  • October 12 – Energy Education Workshop-Sublette
  • October 17-21-Tallgrass Film Festival
  • October 18-Emerging Leaders Presentation
  • October 23-WBJ Enterprise and Innovation Award Ceremony
  • October 24-Energy Truck Presentation-Cedar Vale School District 
  • October 25-Petro Pro Presentation-Brooks Middle School
  • October 26-Emerging Leaders Presentation 
  • November 6-ESDECK Energy Truck Presentation-Hutchinson, KS
  • November 7-St. Mary’s School STEM Day-Salina, KS
  • November 10-K-State Game Sponsorship
  • Novembre 10 – KATS Kamp-Sedgwick County Zoo
  • November 13-Petro Pro Presentation-Macksville High School
  • November 16-Petro Pro Presentation-Arkansas City Middle School
  • November 20-2018 Nex-Gen Career Fair & EXPO-Ft Hays, KS
  • November 20-STEM Day at Meade Middle School
  • November 28-29-Petro Pro Presentation-Beloit, KS 
  • December 13-Petro Pro Presentation-Brooks Middle School
  • January 9-10 -Petro Pro Presentation- Kensler Elementary
  • February 2-Miss Teen Rodeo Kansas 2019, Emma Losh-Concordia, KS
  • February 8-9 -Kansas Press Association Convention & Trade Show-Topeka, KS
  • February 12-Career & Technical Education Keynote-Manhattan, KS
  • February 19-Wichita Schools Inservice Educators Workshop-Closed
  • February 23-28th Annual AESC Rig Hand Appreciation-Ellinwood, KS
  • March 20-Energy Truck Presentation-Garden City Middle School
  • March 20-Energy Truck Presentation/Petro Pro-Bluestem Career Day-Lyons, KS
  • March 27-Pawnee Heights Petro Pro Presentation
  • March 28-Energy Presentation-Burlington Rotary
  • March 30- Society of Women Engineers Expo
  • April 1-Energy Education Truck-Carbondale, KS
  • April 6-Energy Education Workshop-Leavenworth
  • April 17-19-KIOGA Mid-Year
  • April 23-24-Energy Truck Presentation/Petro Pro-West High School
  • April 26-Energy Education Truck-Wichita Gem & Mineral Show
  • April 27-KATS Kamp
  • May 3-Energy Education Truck/Petro Pro-Belmont Elementary
  • May 7-Energy Education Petro Pro-Wellington Middle School
  • May 9-Energy Truck Presentation-Pleasant Ridge Elementary School
  • May 9-Energy Presentation-Young Lawyers Wichita Bar Association
  • May 10-Energy Truck Presentation-Amanda Arnold Elementary School, Manhattan
  • May 11-Boy Scout Day Presentation
  • May 14-EKOGA Mid-Year
  • May 15-Pipeline Presentation, El Dorado
  • May 16-Ashland Civic Club Presentation, Ashland
  • May 21-Desk & Derrick Presentaiton, El Dorado
  • May 22-API Scholarship Presentation, Great Bend
  • June 2-Riverfest STEAM City
  • June 4-Festival of Broadway, Riverfest
  • June 7-Master Teacher Retreat
  • July 22-Career Day, Wichita
  • July 25-27 DAM Music Festival 
  • August 6-Wichita Schools Inservice Educators Workshop-Closed
  • August 11-13 – KIOGA 82nd Annual Conference



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Kansas Strong
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