Do your own research on Oil & Natural Gas

Affordable & Reliable Energy

As our planet grows, there is an increased need for affordable and reliable energy worldwide. The accessibility and cost of energy have a direct correlation with the level of poverty people in a region experience. In the United States, we can provide more energy to impoverished people globally, and we’re committed to making oil and natural gas cleaner energy sources as we move through the 21st century.


Energy Deprivation

In the United States, we get our energy by simply turning a knob or flipping a switch, but 60% of the world’s population is energy deprived. Almost 40% of the population still relies on firewood to heat their homes and cook their meals. Access to affordable and reliable energy is essential for those without to improve their circumstances. Let’s work together to make this happen.

More People, More Energy

Between now and 2050, it’s estimated that we are going to add 1.7 billion people to our planet. More people means more energy, but wind and solar energy cannot do it alone. Oil and natural gas remain the primary sources of energy and are continuously striving to minimize their environmental impact.


Do Your Own Research

Before you make an informed decision about oil and natural gas, we encourage you to learn more. In Kansas, we have more local oil and natural gas producers than any other region in the United States, and we help make a difference in the production of affordable and reliable energy.

The United States can provide affordable and reliable energy to those who need it most.

20% of the population uses less energy than it takes to run a refrigerator in a year

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